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Dave’s Travel Group (DTG) is a management company harnessing the passion of tour operators, freeing them from the constraints and pressures of business management, allowing them to focus on delivering the amazing experiences that millions of tourists to Sydney demand.

COVID-19 Donation Initiative

As part of our COVID-19 industry support initiative we are offering customers an option to donate cancelled bookings to a good cause. 


We are providing our customers with an option to donate their booking to some of the front line healthcare workers and hospital professionals who are currently tirelessly working to prevent and save lives across NSW in this current crisis.


We are also offering opportunities to purchase vouchers for DTG tours for donation to this initiative as well.


We are liaising with the major Sydney hospitals to offer these donated tour bookings for future use by their staff when the crisis has abated and we are able to start running our tours again. 


We want to support those that are helping all of us in the best way we can and hope you will consider contributing to this initiative. 


Please click on the DONATE button below or drop us a line at info@daves.com.au



Consumer Brands

DTG currently provides management services for Colourful Trips, Zepher Tours and Dave’s Tours.  The plan is to expand the brands within the group, and we expect other local operators to join the group to take advantage of the economies of scale available through collaboration and resource sharing. 

Consumers will continue to visit each company’s website to explore and book tours and activities.


Dave’s Travel Group (DTG) is a management company created to unify and bring to market a diverse and complementary range of tours and activities for tourists visiting Sydney and surrounds.

Through collaboration with tour operators, DTG harnesses the passion of the owner / operators, freeing them from the constraints and pressures of business management, allowing them to focus on delivering the amazing experiences that millions of tourists to Sydney demand.

Launched in April 2019, DTG already has a portfolio of products capturing 90% of the experiences and destinations tourists look for when visiting Sydney. As other local brands look to take advantage of this collaborative and innovative approach to business management, DTG strengthens the appeal of Sydney as a destination by bringing to market an extensive portfolio of unique and wonderful experiences that simply have never been available for global distribution. 

In essence, there is no other tourism organisation in NSW offering such a diverse range of tourism experiences. For domestic and international sellers or distributors of tourism product for Sydney and surrounds, DTG is your ‘go to’ for amazing tourism experiences!

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Colourful Trips is Sydney’s only carbon neutral tour operator offering small group, active day trips from Sydney.


In addition to being innovative and socially responsible, no other operator in Sydney offers such a wide range of experiences with destinations / experiences including the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Canberra, South Coast, Jervis Bay, Royal National Park, Jenolan Caves, Glenworth Valley, City Sights and more.


Colourful Trips is distributed and sold globally due to our distinct USPs aimed at key psychographics and demographics being international students, youth and active travelers.     


Colourful Trips also provides extended itineraries down the eastern seaboard with a network of suppliers and tour partners from Cairns to Melbourne.

Our philosophy is simple – collaboration. We love bringing people together to taste and experience the craftsmanship of our local producers.
Whether that is on a behind the scenes brewery tour, a walk back in time through our pub culture on a pub walk, or a corporate event – everything we do is about connecting more people to local communities.
In doing so, we are supporting the passions and dreams of those who are bringing to market some of the finest products available and making visitors aware of the toil and strife that goes into producing great drinks and food.
To us, it’s more than the art and science. It’s the stories, the legends, the scars of effort and devotion to doing something different. It’s about connecting people who are passionate about what they produce with those who are equally as passionate about what they consume.

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Zepher Tours is a niche tour company specialising in public and private Hunter Valley wine tours, Hunter Valley music concert transport, and regional food and wine festival packages. Owned and managed by a team of passionate, enthusiastic foodies and wine buffs, we’re committed to delivering you an awesome day out with friends and fellow lovers of the good things in life. Zepher Tours is recognised within the industry and through hundreds of 5 star online reviews as the good times day tour company for enjoying an awesome day in Australia’s wonderful Hunter Valley.

Our Services


DTG was established to help overcome industry challenges which hold back and limit local operators who are often doing everything the business needs to function; burning themselves out in the process.  We believe the tours and activities sector is the best part of travel and we need strong and vibrant operators to be sustainable to help drive the industry forward.  DTG is all about helping operators by joining forces.

What’s in it for me as a buyer of tourism product?

More choice and less looking! DTG provides the widest range of tours and activities available in NSW, all delivered by a collective of business owners that are passionate about what they do.

We want to capture as many local experiences as possible and make them available to as many people as possible.

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We plan to expand the brands within the group and expect other local operators to join the group to take advantage of the economies of scale available through collaboration and resource sharing

What's in it for me as a tour operator?

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What changes for me as an owner of a tour operating business?

Mostly nothing. You continue to own your business and choose your level of involvement or participation. We obviously have some ideas of sound business management; however, we are more interested to hear from you about what could or should change and what possibilities there are for you to join DTG.


Contact Us

17 Barclay St, Marrickville, 2204
PO Box 62, Marrickville 1475

Sydney, New South Wales

+61 (2) 9318 0853

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